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Personal Checking

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Citizens First Bank offers checking accounts that reward you for being you! Compare the accounts below or contact Customer Service at 877.902.1442 to decide which is right for you.

Compare Personal Checking Accounts

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Health Savings Accounts

Our health savings account is the perfect medicine for your medical expenses!

Citizens First HSA 


Shazam BOLT$ App

This Debit Card App alerts you to potential fraud and puts you in control!  With BOLT$, you can instantly block and unblock your card, receive fraud alerts 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week, locate ATMs nationwide, and be provided with account balance information.  

BOLT$ provides alerts for: purchases exceeding your thresholds, phone and Internet purchases, and suspicious or high-risk transactions.  Get the SHAZAM BOLT$ app at iTunes, Google Play store or click the link below.

Access your Shazam Bolt$ account here.  New user?  Click here to enroll.