Identify ads that come as “offers of credit”

How can I tell if this is legitimate?
Stay alert. Does the document say, “This is not a check” or “Not affiliated with your financial institution”?

How did they get my information?
Information that is public record, such as a property deed, can be accessed by companies who want to market to you. As a reminder, Citizens First Bank does not share your personal financial information. Read our full Privacy Policy here.

What should I do?

As always, your bankers are here to help. Connect with Citizens First Bank here.


Pre screened offer of credit example: You have been pre-selected for a reduction program that will lower your monthly payments significantly. Insurance and taxes vary, they are not included so the payment will increase if escrowed. After reviewing your account, we can consolidate your existing mortgage of $90,100 and your estimated debt of $8,300 into one monthly payment as low as $543. This program is offered for a limited time, and you can qualify for free. Call immediately to speak with your loan representative to take advantage of this offer, or get cash out. Due to the high volume of calls, please reference your account number E22-1

Always double check contact information, is this your bank’s phone number, or even your area code? Take your time to read the fine print, as it could help you identify who is the sender.


Pre screened offer of credit example with check: HOME WARRANTY DIRECT Home Warranty Dept IMMEDIATE RESPONSE TO THIS NOTICE REQUESTED FINAL RENEWAL NOTICE Lender Info: CITIZENS 1ST BANK Notice Date: Contact Phone: Home Owner ID: Respond By: 1/31/2023 1-800-301-5412 CH10 3/1/2023 Call to verify the above information Before the respond date expires!

If a letter comes with an extreme sense of urgency, take your time to read the fine print. Skim for red flags.