Your Opinion Matters


Citizens First Bank has engaged Avannis, a professional research firm, to reach out and ask for your feedback about the service we provide. Avannis will never ask you questions about your account or personal information. If you receive a call or email from Avannis, we would appreciate your participation.


Who is Avannis?

Avannis is a leading provider of customer experience management tools and guidance dedicated exclusively to financial services. You can visit their website here.



How Will Avannis reach out to me?

Customer surveys are being conducted by email and phone. Each email or phone survey should take about 3 – 4 minutes to complete. We appreciate your willingness to provide honest feedback. Thank you for your time, if selected to participate.

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What is the survey about?

Avannis will ask you about a recent experience you had with Citizens First Bank. For example, questions about the associate you interacted with, the experience you had, or the reason for your visit.

You may be asked about any one of the following experiences:

  • Recent branch transaction
  • Recent digital banking transaction
  • New account sign up
  • Recently closed account
  • Recent loan application
  • Your overall relationship with Citizens First Bank



Is the survey confidential?

Yes. It is important to note that you will be given the opportunity to request a follow-up conversation with a Universal Banker at the close of each survey, and at that time you will be prompted to confirm your name and preferred method of contact (email or phone).



Will Avannis have my personal information?

No, Citizens First Bank does not share any personal or account information with Avannis, as outlined in our privacy policy. To view our privacy policy, click here.



Why is Citizens First Bank conducting customer surveys?

At Citizens First Bank, our mission is to become our communities’ premier bank by putting our customers first. We strive to deliver innovative financial services and products with unmatched personal service. We understand that hearing our customers’ thoughts and ideas is imperative to upholding this mission.



Thank you for participating in the Citizens First Bank Customer Surveys if selected to do so! We look forward to hearing your ideas.



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